Is your chair cramping your style?

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People spend about 80,000 hours of their lives doing work while sitting. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can be unpleasant, if not unhealthy, so workers should choose their office chairs carefully. “It’s important to have a chair that adjusts in height and depth, offers recline and provides armrest options to avoid work-related injuries,” says Fred Colony, vice president of casegoods and seating for The HON Company, a designer and manufacturer of office furniture. (Arenson Office Furniture is a HON Diamond Level Dealer – The highest accorded any HON Dealer) From comfort and adjustability to style and longevity, an ideal chair exists for every worker. Some companies now allow employees to vote for different chair styles. “They have employees test out different sample chairs,” says Colony. “Testers then vote on the ones they like best. Chairs no longer simply appear in a workplace. Employees now have a definitive say.” Some Useful Pointers When Searching For A Comfortable Office Chair: - A good chair allows you to use as much of the seat back as possible for support, especially for your lower back. - Chairs should have adequate space between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat - Quality chairs should conform to the curves of your body, avoiding pressure points that cause discomfort. The Ignition Series chairs, from The HON Company, are a good example. The chair features one-time adjustments to seat height, depth and tension, as well as adjustable arm height and width, so it can suit different body shapes and sitting positions. - Task chairs should be stable and have easily adjustable ergonomic controls that can be reached from a seated position or, better yet, passive ergonomic adjustments that maintain a comfortable configuration as the user moves.

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