Decommisioning Services

Wholesale Office Interiors recognizes that your Companies furniture assets have an end of life use factor. What this means is that when purchasing furniture assets, you know that eventually, they will need to be updated or replaced. Our team of knowledgeable staff can assist you in decommissioning your assets or managing the process.​

Installation & Moving

Planning your next office relocation or expansion and need to move your teams' assets? Wholesale Office Interiors Offers Commercial Installation and Moving services through our network of affiliated associates.

Rest assured that your project can be managed from start to finish by our team of professionals. Please contact us to discuss your company's next big move.                                                               

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Furniture Brokering

Looking to recoup the cost of your furniture assets or leverage the expense of your new furniture purchase? We can help you in expediting the process by Placing your assets within the reach of potential buyers or listing your assets in our database of furniture assets. Please contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of this option. 



Consignment Services

Wholesale Office Interiors Offers a new and innovative service that allows for the partial recuperation of asset investment. Consignment services allow for the storage of your furniture assets within our affiliates facilities until those assets can be sold or implemented back into your office floor plan. Assets are held in escrow on your behalf. Please do contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

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Asset Repurposing

Perhaps your budget does not allow for the purchase of new office furniture or maybe your existing furniture works well but could use an upgrade. Asset Repurposing may be just the solution you are looking for! This process takes your existing inventory and redesigns it from the ground up. Options include fabric reupholstering, space redesign and configuration or asset modification. Please do contact us for your no obligation free consultation.

Disposal Services

Reducing your carbon footprint and going green can be as easy as allowing W.O.I. to assess your companies end of use assets and see what can be reused or what requires disposal. Ridding yourself of unwanted assets and contributing to a cleaner environment just got easier. Please contact us to discuss your companies disposal services today

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